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The Perfect Place To Get Lost

Explore our beautiful historic lakeside community. Port Stanley is known for its large beach but also for its wonderful boutiques, antique shops, railroad, art galleries and theatre. It has a rich history, superb dining, comfortable accommodations and a range of services for its residents and the many guests who visit this beautiful harbour community.

What People Are Saying

``Best beach for many miles around. I love it! :)``

``We always have a great time when we visit Port Stanley. We have been at the beach many times. The restaurants are wonderful and the accommodations can't be beat. See you all again real soon.``

``What a great time we had over the May 24 weekend. We love the village and all the neat things to explore. See you on the July Holiday weekend.``

What's happening in Port Stanley during Covid-19

Stay up-to-date with the events going on in Port Stanley, Ontario.

Shopping During Covid-19

Wherever you go in Port Stanley, please follow all Government of Ontario social distance guidelines.  […]

Restaurants During Covid-19

While the beach may be closed, it’s still possible to come to Port Stanley, go […]

Boating, Golf and Fun During Covid-19

During this time of social isolation, there are still a few things we are allowed […]

Beaches Closed, Map for Walking

While all Ontario beaches including Port Stanley remain closed, it is still possible to visit.  […]

Bridging To Our Future

Our historic King George VI Lift Bridge was built in 1938 and is scheduled to […]

Your BIA Update

The Port Stanley BIA is made up of all of your local merchants and commercial […]

Proud Member of Elgin County Tourism

The official website of the Port Stanley Business Improvement Area.

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